Event Summary: September 2016 – CHIEF ROY WHITNEY


Written By Denise Fay Brown, Ph.D.


Chief Roy Whitney of the Tsuu-T’ina Nation presented an informative and inspired talk to a large audience at the Canadian Club in which he emphasized the close historical relationship between his Nation and the City of Calgary. Focusing on the recently negotiated Ring Road through a portion of the Reserve, Chief Whitney Chief_Whitney_PHOTOwas happy to announce that this segment will be called Tsuu-T’ina Trail.   He then presented details of the partnership that the Nation has established with Canderel Property Management to design and build a large commercial development along Tsuu-T’ina Trail, which will provide diverse on-Reserve employment opportunities to the Nation’s youth at the same time as it enhances retail offerings to the residents of southwest Calgary. The Chief stressed his desire to improve communication and inform Calgarians about the Tsuu-T’ina culture.

Denise Fay Brown, Ph.D. is a board member of the Canadian Club of Calgary and is a Fellow Emerita with the Latin American Research Centre at the University of Calgary.