May 25th, 2016: Special Luncheon with the Honourable Kent Hehr on the restoration of Fort McMurray & Updates on Veterans Affairs 

Wednesday, May 25th, 2016

Please join us for this Special Luncheon.

The Hon Kent Hehr will be addressing the Canadian Club on The restoration of Fort McMurray and Updates on Veterans Affairs. 

Please add this date to your calendar. There will be an opportunity to donate to the Red Cross at this event.


Title: How does Canada care for its Veterans, ensuring their financial security and Restoration of Fort McMurray

kenthehr• How does Canada care for its Veterans? What is being done to achieve a better outcome, and how can Calgary businesses get involved to help with the transition of our skilled Veterans into the private sector?

The Canadian Club of Calgary is pleased to welcome The Honourable Minister of Veteran Affairs and Associate Minister of National Defence, Kent Hehr, to discuss these and other issues with our Canadian Club membership in an insightful luncheon on Wednesday, May 25, 2016. Committed to consulting with key stakeholders to deliver real results for Veterans, Minister Hehr’s presentation will discuss the recent Federal Budget and its impact on the lives of Veterans across the nation. Potential discussion items for the Minister and attendees include the following:

• Ensuring the financial security and independence of disabled veterans and their families as they make the transition to civilian life

• Re-opening the nine closed Veterans Affairs offices – which provide essential support services to Veterans across the nation

• Working with the Minister of National Defence to reduce complexity, overhaul service delivery, and strengthen partnerships between Veterans Affairs and National Defence

• As the Chair of the newly created Ad Hoc Committee on Northern Alberta Wildfires, the Honorable Kent Hehr will also speak to the federal government’s initiative for the restoration of Fort McMurray following the devastating wildfires in the area

About Minister Kent Hehr, Minister of Veterans Affairs & Associate Minister of National Defense

The Honourable Minister of Veteran Affairs Kent Hehr has taken historic steps to ensure the financial security, independence and care of Veterans and has committed to reopening Veterans Affairs offices across the country. He is dedicated to consulting with key stakeholders to deliver real results for Veterans.

Minister Hehr represented the residents of downtown Calgary in the Legislative Assembly of Alberta for more than seven years. On November 4, 2015, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appointed him Minister of Veteran Affairs and Associate Minister of National Defence.

Born and raised in Calgary, Kent’s life drastically changed when, just shy of his twenty-second birthday, while riding in a friend’s car, he was hit by a drive-by shooter leaving him paralyzed. The life-altering injury did not quash his ambitions—while still re-learning to use his fingers, Kent studied at the University of Calgary, earning his Bachelor of Canadian Studies, followed by his Bachelor of Law in 2001.