Event Summary: October 2015

By Denise Fay Brown, Ph.D.

The October 2015 luncheon speaker was Thierry Boyer, Underwater Archaeologist with Parks Canada and team member on the expedition to find the ship wrecks of the Franklin Expedition.

Denise thanks Thierry Boyer (Luncheon Speaker)
Denise thanks Thierry Boyer (Luncheon Speaker)

The 2015 Summer field season finished on September 28th, and Archaeologist Boyer presented the Club with the scoop on the latest findings. His talk, which was illustrated with excellent images, traced both the history of the Franklin expedition to find the northern passage, and the history of the archaeological expedition to find the wrecks of the two ships, the Erebus and the Terror, on the ocean floor. Detailing the numerous challenges associated with the technology of underwater exploration, Boyer took us into the debris field of the wreck of the Erebus pointing out important findings related to the material culture of the sailors’ life of the time. He showed how the archaeological work even takes place through meters of sea ice in the winter field season! As the excavations of this wreck continue, the new challenge is to locate the wreck of the second ship, the Terror. Boyer skillfully guided us through the unraveling of a true Northern Canadian story!

Denise Fay Brown, Ph.D. is a board member of the Canadian Club of Calgary and is a Fellow Emerita with the Latin American Research Centre at the University of Calgary.