Calgary Herald: Nenshi defends new cycling tracks in Canadian Club address

(May 20th, 2015)

Mayor Naheed Nenshi is asking Calgarians to be patient as the city continues to “experiment” with increased cycling infrastructure around the city.

He spoke to the Canadian Club of Calgary on Wednesday for about an hour during a lunchtime event at the Rachmen’s Club. With more cycling tracks opening next month, Nenshi said he believes this will help ease road and LRT congestion.

“I notice that people aren’t getting the point because a lot of folks are saying, ‘well nobody cycles, and why are we serving folks when nobody cycles?’ The whole point is the research very clearly shows if you make it safer, people will cycle,” the mayor said. “For every person who is able to do that, that means one less person on a crowded CTrain or one less car in a crowded artery … and by the way, every simulation shows if you move bikes and cars out of one another’s lanes, everybody moves faster.”